Corporate Health Management

Healthy employees – the success factor of the future!

Quantity of work as well as performance requirements are rising, communication is moving faster thanks to new technologies, constant availability together with job insecurity – today there are many factors that push the limits of employees' performance. 

According to the WHO, stress is the highest health risk of the 21st century. Studies show that 50 – 60% of sick days can be traced back to stress. In Germany absence due to illness causes approximately 467 millions lost days per year. Take action against this development using the Corporate Health Management measures!

Scientific cost-benefit analyses show that it is worth investing in Corporate Health Management. The return on investment is positive, as according to those studies, every euro invested in CHM saves between two and ten euros. The result of an analysis of hundreds of studies conducted by the Initiative Gesundheit und Arbeit (iga – initiative for health and work) demonstrates that costs can be reduced and the employees' health can be improved. Absenteeism rates can be reduced by approximately 26% thanks to actions in health promotion.

Apart from the costs, one of the major challenges for companies is the demographic change. Employees are getting older. In the future employees who are older than 45 years will make the majority at the workforce.

The consequence of this forecast is clear. The well-being and performance of employees should be maintained as long as possible. Measures within a framework of Corporate Health Management guarantee sustainable health-maintenance of your personnel and reinforce your human capital.

Demographic change also brings along a lack of qualified young professionals. The challenge is not only the reduced quantity, but also values and needs of these young executives. Work-life-balance is in contrast to money and status the focus of Generation Y. In the future companies who offer health promotion programs will win the battle for these young professionals. Use Corporate Health Management to improve your employer branding!

With the introduction of a Corporate Health Management you lay the foundation for your company success because only healthy employees are capable and motivated.

CHRESTOS combines expert know-how in the areas of health management, statistics and IT in order to support you in the implementation in a comprehensive way. We offer advice in your definition of objectives and strategy through the planning and execution up to the evalution of your Corporate Health Management project.

Use Corporate Health Management as a competitive advantage!