Contract Research Organization

Statistical know-how combined with software experience 

A glance into the future of the pharmaceutical industry shows that companies wanting to meet the competitive challenge have to rethink strategically. Product portfolios have to become more differentiated in order to avoid risks. Innovation is what really drives the pharmaceutical industry, but today many of the approved drugs are regarded as being substitutable.

Pressure on research & development departments is increasing steadily. New products with a high differentiation potential need to be launched fast in accordance with laws and regulations.

As a contract research organization (CRO) CHRESTOS supports customers in planning and analyzing clinical studies. We combine in-depth statistical expertise with software experience. Our core competencies are bio-statistical analyses, SAS-programming, the development of data collection systems as well as data management.

Up to now we have been involved in more than 100 studies focusing on pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies (phase I), the validation of the therapy concept in proof-of-concept studies (phase IIa) as well as on observation studies and non- interventional studies (phase IV). We have also been involved in successful market authorizations on the basis of pivotal studies (phase III). 

Our expertise in therapeutic research areas ranges from oncology, hematology, cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, contraceptives to gynecology and imaging methods.

CHRESTOS offers sound statistical expertise and practical experience in multiple indications, therapeutic research areas and phases of clinical development. We accompany your clinical studies and support you in generating competitive advantages through efficient market launches.

Trust in our competence and experience!