Biometrics and pharmacometrics

Quantitative methods for objectification

The CHRESTOS biometricians and pharmacometricians support you in the planning and analysis of your clinical studies. We analyze your data from preclinical studies and phase I to III studies as well as non-interventional observation studies.

Our services in the area of medical statistics comprise:

  • support of the study planning process
  • creation of clinical study protocol
  • estimation of sample sizes
  • development of the statistical analysis plan
  • database cleaning and creation of CDISC tables
  • specification of tables, lists and figures
  • periodic provision of reports related to drug safety
  • analysis of study data of preclinical and phase I to III studies as well as non-interventional observation studies
  • creation of statistical reports
  • validation of SAS codes and resulting tables, lists and figures
  • programming of inference-statistical analyses
  • contribution to the clinical study protocol in cooperation with the medical writer

All of our biometricians are certified SAS programmers. This additional qualification is essential for us as it guarantees that our inductive statistical analyses meet high technical standards. Furthermore this facilitates the cooperation within the team with SAS programming and data management.

Take advantage of our team's expertise and experience!