About us

About us

We make the world a healthier place.

Chrestos is the only statistical health consultancy on the market. Founded in 2006, our company has been headquartered in Essen since 2016. The company is run by Dr. Boris Weimann. Our team consists of statisticians, economists, data scientists as well as experts in the field of health care management.

The company comprises of three business divisions. In the business division CHM (Corporate Health Management) we accompany our customers on their way to a sustainable and successful Corporate Health Management system. In the CRO division (Contract Research Organization) we support our customers in planning and analysing clinical studies. In our third business division CTW (Chrestos Temporary Work) we offer our customers maximum flexibility in order to support them in the area of health in their companies if required.

Our values

What we stand for, what we strive for and the way we work.

Health is a matter that is truly dear to us! As a statistical health consultancy, it is our goal to actively contribute to promoting good quality of life and health in the future. It is our daily task to enable patients to lead a better life and employees to work under healthier working conditions within the company. It is our vision to shape a positive future worth living and to grow in a sustainable and profitable manner.

The close relationship to our customers, business partners and colleagues is based on respect and trust. Passion and a strong team spirit are our motivation to think outside of the box. This is how we perceive our work and regard it as the key success factor in our field.

Our daily activities are based on our company values respect, sustainability and performance. And we live by these values!


When we meet people, we always show them our deep respect. Integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and empathy are the basic requirements for respectful solidarity. Good relationships are based on clear communication. We would like to keep you in the loop at all times. We put great emphasis on transparency at each step of the process as well as when we present the results. Your trust is our greatest asset!


As a company, we are not only responsible for our customers, our workforce and our business partners, but also for the future generations. We are convinced that there is no alternative to a sustainable approach which is why we strive for meaningful and solid partnerships with our customers.


Performance and service are important to us and above all excellent quality! We work with diligence, clarity and flexibility in order to achieve optimal results. The foundation of our success is our customers’ satisfaction.



We not only focus on accountability, we live by it.

The concept of sustainability is deeply embedded in our company values and has been a part of Chrestos since its foundation. Our objective is to establish a balance between social, economic and ecological needs in order to ensure a sustainable future.

We participate in the United Nations Global Compact to communicate our aspirations for a sustainable future to the outside world. This alliance encourages companies and businesses worldwide to take sustainable and socially responsible actions to implement and report them. The UN Global Compact is a principles-based approach for businesses that includes ten guidelines in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

The team

Passionate. Crazy. And simply stronger together.

Heike SteinbredeMedical Writing
Alexander PieperHead of Late Development Statistics
Dr. Boris WeimannManaging Director
Steffen JeskeHealth Technology Assessment
Ricarda NorenbergChrestos Institute
Mohammad VossoughiLate Development Statistics
Jessica HöggProgramming
Julia SöhngenHealth Technology Assessment
Nina BescheEarly Development Statistics - Head of Non-Oncology
Dr. Sebastian VoßHead of Biomarker Statistics & Data Science
Dr. Maike AhrensBiomarker Statistics & Data Science
Dr. Frauke HennigBiomarker Statistics & Data Science
Dr. Jessica HirschHead of Chrestos Institute
Gökhan ÖzcanHead of Programming
Dr. Vera BaumeisterLate Development Statistics
Stephanie LöwenHead of Early Development Statistics
Robert KrauscheHead of Health Technology Assessment
Britta BrockmannHealth Technology Assessment
Laura MarquisProgramming
Regina UttenreutherEarly Development Statistics - Non-Oncology
Dr. Sabrina SiebertHealth Technology Assessment
Frieder WolffHead of Real World Evidence
Claudia RahnerLate Development Statistics
Christina RespondekHealth Technology Assessment
Clara BeckProgramming
Jessica AbramowskiProgramming
Dr. Roland MeizisProgramming
Marc LambeletLate Development Statistics
Ingrid HochheimManagement Assistant
Heidi ManterHuman Resources
Dr. Berit GeisEarly Development Statistics - Non-Oncology
Robin BrauckmannChrestos Institute
Vitali GeringProgramming
Anna FischerProgramming
Simon LangerEarly Development Statistics
Frederik GnaßSystem administration
Sophia PraegerProgramming
Christine VolkmarProgramming
Dr. Daniel B. CiupkaProgramming
Dr. Salome HorschEarly Development Statistics - Non-Oncology
Eva BrammenChrestos Institute
Friederike BaulandReal World Evidence
Karlin HossnerEarly Development Statistics - Non-Oncology
Dr. Sara BellinviaBiomarker Statistics & Data Science
Erich GeschwentnerEarly Development Statistics - Oncology
Veronika SchmidtLate Development Statistics
Dr. Bettina BuchheisterHealth Technology Assessment
Leonard VonkChrestos Institute
Noemi KallweitSystem administration
Natascha NeuEarly Development Statistics - Oncology
Ismail KersitProgramming
Vanessa KapsonaCosmos
Ulrich GehrmannProgramming
Jonathan RathjensEarly Development Statistics
Dr. Yvonne ButtkewitzLate Development Statistics
Ira KurzHead of Data Management

We do what we do because we believe in supporting people’s health.

Please contact us, we would be delighted to give you some personal advice.